New places to work

One of the areas most affected by the pandemic is the way in which we work and how businesses operate. Even when we return to ‘normal’, it is inevitable that, to a significant extent, people will continue to work from home.

Despite these issues, businesses both large and small still require dedicated flexible office space. The type of space needed in the future and how it is occupied will change as we adapt to changing business practices that are structurally adapting due to the pandemic.

At this early stage in a transforming commercial landscape we cannot with certainty predict what the impacts of the pandemic will be on office space, and while some are expecting a reduction in the overall volume needs, others believe that this may be partly offset by an increase in the area of individual workstations.

What is more certain is that there will be continued demand for small managed self-contained units available on flexible/affordable terms, to provide high quality space for new and small businesses. Hounslow is a community of small businesses with around 90% of local businesses being micro in size (1 to 9 people). This type of space is critical for helping to build the local business eco system and support the growth of the dynamic local economy.

This proposal’s answer to these circumstances is to create a managed business ‘incubator’; comprising approximately 50 small scale units ranging from 200 - 1100 sq ft within a total of 51,000 sq ft, including break out space and communal facilities that will provide space for over 400 workers. A similar number of new jobs will be created through the demand for local services and supplies. 

We are confident that this commercial space will be a valuable resource to local freelancers and small businesses seeking new solutions for working space.

A cross - section of the office accommodation is shown here.

You can click here to see a plan of the second floor, demonstrating the micro-office layout.
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