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  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation
  3. Start of Q and A session
  4. Question on height from ground to roof canopy
  5. Question on accessibility of viability report
  6. Question on calculation of affordable housing
  7. Question on proportion of garden space
  8. Questions on height of floors & adjacent buildings
  9. Questions on maintenance and servicing
  10. Question on visibility from nearby roads
  11. Question on value of project and timeline
  12. Question on impact of local traffic
  13. Question on audio visual integration
  14. Question on air purification in flats
  15. Question on design
  16. Question on clarification of height
  17. Questions on height comparison
  18. Question on on location of the site
  19. Question on traffic
  20. Question on infrastrcuture impact
  21. Question on improvements to Chiswick Rounabout
  22. Closing comments and how to provide feedback
  23. End